Make it simple, but significant.


Hi, I'm Nikhilesh Mohan and usually go by "Nikhil". A design graduate in Product and Multimedia design from the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation. As a designer I enjoy the process of taking an idea from a vague picture in the head to a real, tangible form that we can experience. I am particularly passionate about working on projects in the realm of inclusive design to offer a diversity of ways for people to participate in an experience.

My journey as a designer began with HotWheels and furniture, not in the conventional sense! It began with me making HotWheels cars out of the toothpaste boxes & bottle caps I could find around and building shelving units with the shoe-boxes or crates we had lying at home. Though my methods of realizing an idea today have become more refined with the help of 3D printing and Laser cutting, the surreal feeling of seeing a vision come to life remains unchanged and is the reason why I design.

Being an absolute Movie buff, Sci-fi movies pump in the extra dose of inspiration and belief that one day technology will be as accessible and fancy as it is in Tron or Iron Man. If you don't find me behind a screen fixating on the layer names and labels of a photoshop file, you can find me taking pictures, playing and producing music or watching a series of YouTube tutorials that I dream of putting to use someday.

Feel free to get in touch! Would be super interested to chat about anything design, manufacturing, music or movies. Get in touch via email, or you can find me on Instagram & Linkedin.