Industrial Design

An entity aimed at re-materializing waste into a resource for additive manufacturing.


Industrial Design

An Ed-Tech device assisting educators in facilitating engaging and participatory visual therapy for low-vision learners .

Multimedia Design

An editorial mapping the Journey of A.I

and its possibilities in the future.

Industrial Design

A sensorial device designed to bring the experience of interacting with paintings to the visually impaired.

Multimedia Design

Developing a range of solutions to tackle Mediclinic Parkview's challenge of 'No Show' patients.

Web experience

Taking digital interactions away from mundane passive actions, towards a more active and physically engaging task.

Branding and Advertising

Webpage designs, advertising campaigns, food stall designs etc. for Summit Trading. LLC, a Japanese food trading company.

Graphic Design

5:7 is a series of digital artworks done to practice and learn skills in producing pieces on a regular basis.