An editorial mapping the Journey of A.I and its possibilities in the future.

TimelineFebruary - March , 2020
University ProjectIndividual Project
Mentored byRenata Morais
ProcessResearch - Graphic Design - Copywriting

Project Brief

Today we live in the era of Artificial Intelligence, with its rapid progress and development, we as designers have a huge responsibility of understanding it and delivering it to the masses in the most ethical and responsible means possible. This editorial was an opportunity for us to explore our interests in A.I and document them through a visual medium.


My biggest fascination has been to understand the roots of A.I and use its history to envision its future. The idea was to understand A.I's journey till date but not just stop there, and go beyond to find realistic interventions where it can be implemented to bring out unprecedented changes.

The research phase involved going through a list of articles and documentaries to understand A.I through various perspectives. Where some were optimistic about the technology equally there were many pessimistic of its application into many interventions. I felt it was important to understand both sides of the conversation and document them as part of this editorial.


Going through the various perspectives of A.I gave a lot of clarity to back my idea of A.I and at the same time question few of the assumptions I had made. The editorial is divided into 5 different chapters to document the vast possibilities of A.I.

These 5 chapters start of by exploring the history of A.I and understanding how it all started. Then it talks about today's A.I and how it has grown to become what it is today, but by being a major optimist for A.I I felt we have just begun scratching the surface with the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence. Thus the following chapters explore the avenues that A.I can be implemented in and can bring about unforeseeable changes. Later the editorial concludes by discussing the challenges we may face along the way and how we can be mindful of them.

A set of posters created for the chapters of Odyssey

This was a great opportunity for me to pick the minds of my professors at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation. Their perspectives added a lot of value to the editorial as it came from having worked with and implemented A.I in their works and gave us a first hand account of the possibilities of A.I. Their ideas ranged from using A.I during space travel to how A.I frameworks can learn from natural plant networks.

This editorial was very influential for me to get a better understanding of A.I and at the same time re-learn certain aspects of it. A.I certainly comes with a lot of responsibility on us to implement it in the most effective and productive manner, and the first step to doing that is by understanding it.

The editorial is available to read on Issuu.co.


An editorial mapping the Journey of A.I and its possibilities in the future.